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High Accuracy

Techloq filtering system uses more precise categorization and multi-level filtering checks to provide more accurate protection from inappropriate content

Multi-Users Per One Device

Set up different accounts for yourself and other family members and use personalized filtering settings for each member

Personalized Filtering Settings

Techloq team configures your filtering settings based on your needs

Real Time Content Filtering

Provide dynamic filtering based on the real page content and block page sections with inappropriate content (including images, audio, video)

Ease Of Use

Simple sign up, select your subscription plan and install Techloq on the device you want filtered. That's all. Techloq team configures all needed filtering settings for you


To ensure that no one except you can contact the agent and change your settings, we use an authentication code and send you an email whenever a request is made

Temporary Access

You can request access to any blocked category or URL for a limited period of time

Money Back Guarantee

We provide No-Quibble 14 day money back guarantee for your first subscription

Optional Service Provider

Choose a partner service provider as preferred who will help you manage, configure and control your filter as necessary

Instant Page Access 24h a Day

If you have no access to some page, you can just send us a request from the Block page, and agents will immediately proceed with it

Network Filtering Solution

Looking for a network-based solution for your business or organisation? Our router option is ideal for you. Please contact us below for more information

Optional Skin-Tone Masking

We offer a highly accurate AI based human skin-tone masking for the ultimate in active protection from unwanted images

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Choose the Techloq pricing plan that's right for you and your family

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